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Katarina Lindley, D.O. FACOFP  |  (817) 550-7409  |  Brock, Texas


Direct Primary Care is an affordable membership-based primary care practice that provides all of the basic essentials of routine health care for a flat monthly fee. 

This simple model has several advantages: true price transparency, personalized care, affordable fees, no co-pays, no deductibles, no pre-existing condition exclusions and a relationship with your doctor that is pure — influenced only by those that are actually in the room.


At Eagle Medical Center Direct Primary Care, we are proud to support our community. Contact us today for more information.


With that, welcome to the family!  


Dr. Kat Lindley

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Dr. Kat Lindley is Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who has served her profession in several leadership roles and is President of Global, Health Project, Past President of Texas ACOFP, Past President of TOMA, President of Texas Chapter of AAPS and Board member of DPCAction. She is a passionate advocate for her patients, veterans and health care and has been very involved with health policy on State and National level. Her approach to medicine is simple. In her own words “I always felt that medicine is about humanity; spirit, mind and body. We are all more than sum of our cells and functions. We are human because inside our body lives a spirit that needs nurturing through faith, love and good deeds. Reclaim your life, one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time.”



We are committed to giving our patients full pricing transparency.

This means no co-pays, no extra charges for common medical procedures, and no unexpected medical bills.

Our membership fee structure is based on the age of the patient. Contact us if you have questions or ENROLL now and start enjoying the benefits of direct primary care today.

Pricing by Age:

 0-17 $35

18-40 $60

41-64 $85

   65+ $110



Lindley Medical


Please call or email for an appointment.

2100 FM 1189 | 

Brock, Texas | 76087

T: 817.550.7409

Alt T: 786.282.6873


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